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I am currently looking to produce a short film for distribution to film festivals
and internet sites anywhere/everywhere, etc. at cost. 
If you think you are interested, just read on;

me in Hollywood

       Short films...
Hollywood studios don't want them, because nobody pays ten bucks to see a ten minute film.
At the same time, there are plenty of great short stories that are just as entertaining, exciting, etc. as full-length features.
In fact, many full length features are initially inspired by short films.
But who has millions of dollars and all that time to make a feature?

         Then there's television...
T.V. doesn't do shorts because they're stuck in strict time formats too.
In fact, it takes a million dollars just to make the pilot episode of a 1/2 hour sitcom!  But who has even a million dollars to make a pilot?
How are you going to break in?

    You might make a commercial...
But then you have to be selling something.  Unless it's humor, or a very flexible idea, your limited.
The purity of the art, or message will be underminded.  Local cable access might work, but the problem is just that:  it's "Local".

               Well, that leaves independent film festivals.
But how many of those are around.  Who knows about them, and who goes to them, other than an elite crowd?
And if you are fortunate enough to attend, how many of the films are actually any good?
And yes, sometimes you see a great short film, but can you get it on DVD? Can you see it again?
Can you tell others where to see it?  Rarely. 

                 Well, the internet and simple advances in technology has certainly changed that a lot. read on...

Why are you doing this?

My plan is to create a short film, that we can put credits on saying "directed by (me)" or "produced by (me)" or "created by (you and me)" or "written by (you)" or any combination thereof.  Once it's in the can, I can devote the proper time and energy to market/promote it properly, thus being beneficial to both of us.

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Why now?

I originally concieved this idea right out of film school 15 years ago, but there were too many factors that had to be worked out back then. Among those factors were;

  • People in all parts of the world needed to see short samples of a completed film
    before they'd commit to helping take the project to the next level, and the technology
    was too inefficient to use for that purpose.
  • Film production equipment was far more expensive, bulky, and tedious when I was fresh out of film school.
  • Though I may have had a lot of talent and passion, I did not have enough production experience
    to honestly guarantee a quality film.
  • There was a lot of junk out there. If I was going to take the time and energy to do this,
    I'd want the project to be of a certain moral integrity so that I wouldn't be ashamed
    to show it to my mother, or my future children, or at a screening to my church community.
    I'd need to partner with other like-minded individuals.

Well, that was back in 1997.  Since then, all of those factors have changed;

  • From all my Production assistance work, and dozens of other videos I've created for individual clients,
    I have gained plenty of experience both behind the camera and at the editing desk.
    I know what a script needs before I begin to shoot.  Also thanks to organizations like Act One,
    I have the knowledge-base and network of hundreds of other
    like-minded individuals so the odds of getting not only a morally responsible product,
    but a powerful, compelling story full of spiritual depth, have been greatly increased.

The time is ripe. The time is now.

What does "at cost" mean?

It means, I'm not looking to exploit you or to profit off of you. I'm looking to partner with you to make this film. I won't charge you for use of my equipment, and I won't charge you for services for my business.  I will only charge you for other expenses; like if we have to rent a fog machine, or hire other talent or crew, or decide to upgrade and rent even more sophisticated equipment to use. But depending on the project, I may be willing to incur some of those expenses myself as well.
But I will use this piece to promote my business, and I would be willing to sell video or CD/DVD copies to any interested parties.  But of course we would work out all the legal details ahead of time so that you get your fare share of any incurred profits along the way for your creative property. (I've done this before. It's not hard if you do it right).

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What Genres are you looking for?

Anything. I enjoy a wide array of films.  And there are plenty of writers/producers/directors who do various genres. M. Night Shyamalan wrote Sixth Sense, as well as Stuart Little. The Coen brothers did Fargo and Miller's Crossing as well as Raising Arizona and Hudsucker Proxy.  John Sayles does a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster one year, and an artsy, independent film the next.   So does Spike Lee. Alton Brown directed music videos for R.E.M. before becoming a Food Network star. Both Woody Allen and Ridley Scott have directed famous commercials.  It doesn't have to be a narrative either.  It could be an experimental documentary.  If it's good, it's good.  If it's marketable it's marketable. (I'm not looking for either/or, I'm looking for a little of both).

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What kind of length/production value/budget are you looking at?

That is entirely negotiable. We'll pull resources together and see what happens. It could be 30 seconds, It could be a half an hour.  The cheaper, the easier, but then again, if it's going to be really good, there are always ways to raise a budget.   Robert Townsend made his first movie for $35,000 and put it all on his credit card.   Blair Witch cost about the same, and that was sold for 2 million. Robert Rodriguez made El Mariachi for $7,000 and that became available at every Blockbuster when the stores were still around.  Billy Bob Thornton came up with his character for Slingblade and made a short 10-minute film of it, which was also available at every blockbuster, right next to the full-length, award nominated feature. The trend continues today, and Netflix is the new Blockbuster. There's all kinds of options. But one thing is for sure; because of today's technology, it's never been cheaper, and it's never been more accessible for the general public.

What venues are we talking about?

Any film/video festival that we qualify for. You know, where people can see it. Even television is an option, but with the internet, we don't need television anymore for people to see our stuff.

Where can I see/read samples of your stuff?

Most of my work from the past is in standard definition, and I am constantly adding samples to my web site with each new project. Browse the A Cappella site some more to find out more about all the stuff I've done, and then contact me to read script samples.

Can we do it on film?

Sure, we can shoot on 16mm film if you really want to. But I don't have the equipment for that. (the film developing cost alone adds up to at least $5.00 a second). Video is not only instant, it is much, much cheaper, and HD format quality is quite standard now.

Will you travel?

Yes. I currently travel up and down the Northeast anywhere between Philadelphia, and Albany, and I travel at cost frequently for my business. We'll have to work out the travel arrangements; that may be one of those expenses I'm willing to share with you. I may need to go where the stories are.

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O.K. I've done enough talking, it's your turn.

Click here to contact me via email with other questions;

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