Website Design & Graphics Construction

Hundreds of individuals and organizations out there know they either need a website, or know they desperately need to update their current site, but they do not know where to begin. Devoted time and extensive finances will surely fix the problem, but those are valuable assets that have been currently serving other equally important tasks.

I specialize in serving clients like you with rates starting as low as $25/hour of my time. You will be given a specific max/min quote based on the primary tasks you want accomplished within your budget.

Whether you just want to add a few graphics (or video), do a complete overhaul of an existing site, create a new site from scratch, revise the navigation, or let me teach you how to build your site yourself, I understands that websites are an evolving thing. I personally work with you on a one-on-one level to produce, revise, and/or maintain a website that is both effective and creative.

Contact me with any questions or call me now to find out more.



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