Video/CD/DVD maintenance, storage and care

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These simple tips will help to preserve the condition of your multimedia and appliances the longest, as well as troubleshooting basic problems. Enjoy your precious memories!

Videotape Care

Videotapes are just like magnetic audio tapes. (These rules apply for your audio cassettes as well). All magnetic tapes have a limited shelf life. The experts tend to say they will only last about 10 - 20 years, but seeing as VCRs have only been around since the early 1980s, most of your tapes probably have not been around long enough for people to experience signal deterioration. (If you still have any old 8-tracks, try playing them now, and you'll probably see what I mean). Over the next few years, however, people will begin to see how the video signals on their tapes are disappearing as well.

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